Creating tools for ambassadors of the future... or just making cool illustrations and bullshitting myself that I'm doing something bigger.


I believe there's only one obvious next step of our lifetime — multiplanetary life.

SFSF's goal is to equip people who are sure about this as I'm with tools that can provoke conversations with friends and strangers about that future.

... also my dancing is shit.


I started as a graphic designer when I was 14. Everything I did was shit, but I had fun with it. So I continued untill it actually wasn't shit anymore. And I was paid for it. When I was 17, I didn't need money from my parents (yaaay for me). Within next four years I got tired of making compromises all the time. And I got a great idea how to ruin my life. Do a startup. We even got $500k investment, sort of. It was like looking at a lift-off at Cape Canaveral for the first time. Only to realize 73 seconds later, the ships' name is Challenger. I was 22 and fucked. Got back to freelancing so I could pay the bills. This time, every day felt like building a space agency in Congo (wtf Congo actually has a space program?).

Brainsluged one night at 2 a.m., browsing Youtube, I stumbled upon the Most Astounding Fact. Three minutes and 35 seconds later, everything clicked. Space! That's what I wanted to do. I wasn't sure how. I convinced myself I didn't have the skills. Though if I would have to bleed to learn so I could even work for free, I still would do anything space-related. The problem was, how to get out from under the Hulk's amount of shit under which I buried myself in the last few years. To get rid of the shit it took me the same time it took SpaceX to start building and successfully return its first stage back to a landing pad — five years.


I ain't Dr. Strange, but when I design, time flies. One evening I made a print, for fun. And posted it on Reddit right away. Not much happened, like two upvotes, so I went to sleep. Next morning, the print was on /r/spacex front and my inbox exploded! Holy fucking shit! I'd never done any print to this day. So I did a few more. And it got to the /r/spacex front again. So I did a next one and it got to the frontpage! And to the frontpage again! Wow. In that very moment, I realized, I'm onto something.

In November 2016, after five years of freelancing, I quit, and started SFSF (previously testing as The Future Is Rad).


I'm Michal Sobel, designer from Czechia. If you need anything, please email me at michal@sfsf.shop or message me through Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I'm happy even just to chat with you.

If you don't get any response within 24 hours, I'm probably out of the internet or dead.

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